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★Publication Announcement of Proceedings (2016/10/21)


Finally—the Proceedings of 10th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology have been published!

The book, Fire Science and Technology 2015, is now available in both eBook and Hardcover through the Springer’s website. The following link will take you to the direct book-URL;

We, the committees of AOSFST 2015, are pleased to announce this great news officially, at the same time, would like to thank to all support, cooperation, and patience related to publication processes that have especially been contributed by Authors, Participants, and the Publisher.


Final Proceedings Schedule

Information about Final Proceedings published by Springer has been updated. For all participants and authors, especially those who will be graduating soon, of AOSFST 2015 any updated schedule and more information regarding final proceedings must be things that you want. Please be notified the following information that the Publication Committee can currently share with you;

  • Downloading e-book from Springer’s website will expectedly be ready around May or June, 2016 as already been announced at the symposium.

  • Final Proceedings is currently in production and has reached the following stage:

Status: Book manuscript in production / typesetting

The schedule will be updated and noticed on this website as required.

Form for Change of your Email address

If your email address as a contact information has been or will be changed, please fill in this form and send it to immediately. Your correct e-mail is a must for obtaining a Token, which will be distributed by Springer to make you download the published e-book.

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News in the Past

Bus transport information from Narita Airport to Tsukuba Center has been updated. Please check bus time schedule and bus stop locations. (2015/09/30)

Detailed program has been updated. Please be sure that details of schedule may be subjected to changes. (2015/09/25)

Guidelines for paper presentation have been updated. Speaker’s bio-data is due by 25th, Sept. (2015/08/31)

Guidelines for poster presentation have been updated. (2015/08/31)

List of accepted posters has been updated. All the posters shall be presented at least by one author at the Poster Session. (2015/07/27)

Information on requesting an invitation letter: If you need a Visa for your travel to Japan, please send an e-mail to contact^ following the instructions. (Replace ^ with @ when you will send a mail.) (2015/07/07)

Early registration has been extended to 21th Aug. 2015. Discount rate will be applied if the payment for the registration fees will be done before 21th Aug. (2015/07/27)

Poster presentation has been updated. (2015/06/22)

Registration for AOSFST 2015 has started. (2015/06/09)

Preliminary schedule has been updated. Technical tour will be scheduled on 8th, Oct. (2015/06/08)

★Poster abstract submission has been closed. (2015/5/31)

★Application to Student Award has been closed. (2015/5/31)

★Due for re-submission of revised paper manuscript and form for response to review comments has past. (2015/05/31)

Call for Papers and Posters has been updated. (2014/07/18)

★A limited number of additional posters can be accepted by 7th, May. If you are interested in, please ask Program Committee for availability to program^ (Replace ^ with @ when you will send a mail.)(2015/05/02)

★If you are a full-time student, send this form to apply for Student Award. (2015/05/02)

★Detailed instruction on re-submission of revised paper manuscript and form for response to review comments, due 31/May. (2015/05/31)

★Manuscript of papers: Color figures and photographs are accepted for revised manuscript. Please check revised Author guidelines. (2015/04/19)

★The notification of paper acceptance has been already sent to authors. If you have not received yet, please respond to program committee. (2015/04/13)

Invitated speakers are determined. (2014/12/16)



The 10th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (10th AOSFST) is to be held on October 5-7, 2015 in Tsukuba, Japan.

The first AOSFST was held in 1992 by the Asia-Oceania Association for Fire Science and Technology (AOAFST), which was established under the umbrella of the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). The AOSFST has been held periodically about 3 year interval at the midterm of the IAFSS international symposia. The two most recent Asia-Oceania symposia were held successfully in Melbourne, Australia and Hefei, China in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

The 10th AOSFST will include presentations of peer-reviewed papers, key-note lectures by fire researchers invited from the world and poster sessions for a variety of topics and some exciting events.

Asia-Oceania region is among the areas where fire science and technology are developing most rapidly. We heartily invite your participation, not only from Asia-Oceania region but also from regions in the world.  


  • The Symposium held at the Tsukuba International Congress Center, located in the central area of Tsukuba City. The city is conveniently accessed from central Tokyo by about one-hour trip by express train or highway limousine bus from Narita International Airport. Tsukuba City is the leading science and technology research center in Japan, founded about 40 years ago, where more than 300 research institutes, public and private industrial, are located in rich environment. Here various kinds of advanced research and development that are actively going on, including space engineering, material science, robotics, meteorology, agriculture,  atomic energy, environment, natural disaster, and of course fire. The city attracts many researchers and students from oversea countries as well as from Japan.Also you may enjoy the traditional atmosphere in the suburb of the city. 

Timeline of 10th AOSFST

A paper in full manuscript be submitted electronically through EasyChair system. The submitted papers are subjected to at least two independent reviewers. The time line for processing the papers are provisionary planned as below.

Symposium Topics 

  • Fire/Explosion Physics and Chemistry

  • Fire and Smoke Modeling and Experiment

  • Human Behavior in Fire

  • Fire Statistics and Risk Assessment

  • Fire Safety Design and Codes
  • Structural Behaivior in Fire

  • Fire Properties and Testing Methods of Materials

  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Urban, Wildland/Urban Interface and Forest Fires

  • Industrial Fires

  • Fires Investigation / Fire Services

  • Fire Protection of Cultural Heritages

  • Fire Protection of High-rise Buildings

  • Fires of Recyclable Fuel and Renewable Resources

  • Miscellaneous (Open technical) 

Symposium Organizer

The 10th AOSFST is jointly hosted by Japan Association for Fire Science and Engineering (JAFSE), Building Research Institute (BRI), National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster (NRIFD) and Tokyo University of Science (TUS).